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Shenzhen Diancheng Circuit Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the production and processing of high precision double-sided, multi-layer circuit board of high-tech enterprises. Founded in 2011, is located in Shenzhen China, has a high-quality professional and technical management personnel and a strong quality assurance team, more than 250 employees, the monthly production capacity of 30000 square meters of double-sided, multi-layer circuit board. High precision circuit board, widely used in the production of computers and peripheral equipment, communication products, household appliances, instrumentation, industrial equipment, automotive, microelectronics, LCD and LED etc., mainly exported to the China mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan , Europe and America
The company has a modern production plant 5000 square meters, Europe, the United States, Japan imports of professional production equipment and testing equipment. Companies in strict accordance with the modern enterprise system management norms, the establishment of a unique system of scientific research and long-term scientific development planning. Full implementation of ISO14000:2000 quality management system and "5S" management in daily production.
With the development of miniaturization of electronic products, integrated and functional, PCB has become an important material in the electronic information industry, from single product competition has risen to the fierce competition in the industry chain and the mode of production, we will adhere to the "quality first, reputation first, standardized management, sustainable development" concept, continue improvement to strive to exceed customer expectations, with excellent quality and perfect customer service service, to win the trust of our customers.

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Corporate culture
Enterprise purpose:With high quality to survive, with new technology and development, to a good reputation for stability, low price for the market. Enterprise values:Sincerity,Challenge yourself, keep innovating and enterprising,Respect for people's value, respect for ownership and loyalty,With great enthusiasm, go all out to promote customer success,Simple/quick/confident ,Carrying out the principle of loyalty, ability and achievement Enterprise style:Quick response, immediate action,First asked responsibility system
Quality policy:Quality is the root, Service oriented
Humanistic environment:Simple and harmonious interpersonal relationship,A person of loyalty and gratitude.Competitive and aggressive attitude towards life,Team spirit Leader standard:Integrity, integrity, and consistent;Keep learning, always keep the entrepreneurial passion and innovation spirit;
Continuously motivate subordinates, to fully tap their potential;Always have a competitive edge, in the face of challenges, the courage to make decisions;Understand the responsibility, implement the company strategy and achieve results;
Working policy: Confidence to meet the challenges, to lay a solid foundation for the development of good opportunities to meet!
management idea
1.Creating value for customers Creating and providing beneficial value for customers is the purpose of enterprise existence. To create value for customers is to make us constantly through self innovation and self-development, to achieve better than others to find and meet the requirements of customers, so as to achieve continuous progress. Customer The basis of customer enterprise survival Value To meet customer's wishes Create To create for others, not for others. Provide Prompt and timely response.
2.Respect for people's business Respect business refers to the people as kingbillion send the highest value and the highest property, people-oriented business expansion, so that all people are lomphat macro can give full play to their ability and creativity. And through labor can create performance and results, no doubt highly and without pity to reward, to actively support the growth of each individual for professionals in their commitment to the department.
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