Computer equipment

Computer, commonly known as computer, is a modern electronic computing machine used for high-speed computing. It can perform numerical calculations, logic calculations, and storage and memory functions. It is a modern intelligent electronic device that can run according to the program and process massive data automatically and at a high speed.

A computer composed of hardware system and software system without any software is called a bare metal machine. It can be divided into five categories: supercomputers, industrial control computers, network computers, personal computers, and embedded computers. More advanced computers include biological computers, photon computers, quantum computers, etc.

Computer inventor John von Neumann. Computer is one of the most advanced scientific and technological inventions in the 20th century, which has had an extremely important impact on human production and social activities, and has developed rapidly with strong vitality. Its application field has expanded from the initial military scientific research application to various fields of society. It has formed a huge computer industry, which has driven the global technological progress, thus triggering profound social changes. Computers have spread throughout general schools, enterprises and institutions, entered ordinary people's homes, and become an indispensable tool in the information society.

The application of computers is becoming more and more popular in China. After the reform and opening up, the number of computer users in China has been rising, and the application level has been constantly improved. In particular, applications in the Internet, communications, multimedia and other fields have achieved good results. From 1996 to 2009, the number of computer users increased from 6.3 million to 67.1 million, and the number of networked computers increased from 29000 to 59.4 million. Internet users have reached 316 million, and wireless Internet has 670 million mobile users, including 117 million mobile Internet users, ranking first in the world.
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