What are the characteristics of gold plated pcb? What are the process control precautions?


1. Because the crystal structure formed by gold deposition is different from that formed by gold plating, gold deposition is easier to weld than gold plating, which will not cause poor welding and cause customer complaints.

2. Because the crystal structure formed by gold deposition and gold plating is different, the gold deposition will be golden yellow, which is more yellow than gold plating, and the customer is more satisfied.

3. Because the crystal structure of gold deposit is more compact than that of gold plating, it is not easy to produce oxidation.

4. Since only the pad of the gold plated plate has nickel gold, the signal transmission in the skin effect will not affect the signal in the copper layer.

5. Since only the pad of the gold plated plate has nickel gold, the bonding between the solder mask and the copper layer on the circuit is stronger.

6. Since only the bonding pad of the gold plate has nickel gold, it will not produce gold wire to cause slight shortness.

7. Because the crystal structure formed by gold deposition and gold plating is different, the stress of the gold plate is easier to control, which is more conducive to the processing of bonding products. At the same time, because the gold is softer than the gold plating, the gold finger made of the gold plating plate is not wear-resistant.

8. The project will not affect the spacing when making compensation.

9. The flatness and service life of the gold plated plate are as good as those of the gold plated plate.

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In the production process of gold deposition, employees should pay attention to safety during operation, wear protective clothing and goggles, and must use ventilation equipment to absorb the leaked liquid with rags, towels or other absorbent materials, place it in a plastic lined container to recover gold, and store the solution in a plastic lined barrel to recover gold.

The control of the whole gilding process should be considered for the quality of PCB gilding, including surface treatment before gilding, nickel plating, gilding, and post gilding treatment. In the process of gold deposition, we should discuss the amount of gold deposition, the gold precipitation solution, the formula of additives, the quality of ingredients, etc. The requirements for the production process are getting higher and higher. Some traditional process control methods can no longer meet the quality requirements. The pcb manufacturers should continue to explore advanced processes, strictly control all parameters, and strengthen management in order to continuously improve the product quality.

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