LED heat dissipation copper base plate


With the rapid development of led lighting today, heat dissipation is the key problem of led lighting? Today we are going to talk about the problem of led heat dissipation by copper substrate.

LED industry is one of the most attractive industries in recent years. Up to now, LED products have the advantages of energy saving, power saving, high efficiency, fast reaction time, long life cycle, mercury free, environmental protection, etc. However, about 15% of the input power of LED high-power products can be converted into light, and the remaining 85% of electric energy can be converted into heat energy.

Generally speaking, if the heat energy generated when LED lights up cannot be derived, the LED junction temperature will be too high, which will affect the product life cycle, luminous efficiency and stability. The relationship between LED junction temperature, luminous efficiency and life will be affected.

In the design of led heat dissipation, the most important thing is to effectively reduce the thermal resistance of the chip light-emitting layer to the environment. Therefore, it is very necessary to select appropriate heat dissipation substrate and interface materials.

The heat dissipation copper substrate is used to carry the heat conduction of LED and devices. The heat dissipation mainly depends on the area. The copper substrate with high thermal conductivity can be selected for centralized heat conduction.

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